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About us

After retired from army, he started to work in aluminium sheet material factory in 1990's

His main job is to sell aluminium material out.

That time the factory benefit is not that good. He kept thinking how to sell the products

Finally he found a way that he have learnt good knowledge about the material. And he is the top sale in factory.

10 years later, he started himself business-aluminium cap factory.

The only thing he know is aluminium material, but how ot produce the cap, how to use the machine,no idea.

Learning with passion is always the source which keep us forward,our boss said

Now, we are one of most successful package factories

And we will stay true to ourself always!


Contact Us

Contact: Echo Jiang

Phone: 15854582989

Tel: 15753126671

Add: No. 122-6 Shixue Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province

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