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Cosmetic packaging plastic cap - combined cap

In order to highlight the characteristics of their own brands, the major cosmetics brands in the market today are full of tricks. Some start from the packaging container itself, a mix of various packaging designs and various surface effects on the container; there are also small packaging items, such as lids, and now even the lid manufacturers know ordinary single-layer screw caps It can no longer meet the needs of the beauty market with a variety of patterns. The market demand forces these manufacturers to innovate, so double-layer or even multi-layer combination covers have entered the market in this way.

Combination cover, generally speaking, is a cover formed by pressing two or more cover accessories together by a machine. We call it a combination cover.
Because the combined cover is composed of multiple accessories, the shape of the cover is no longer limited to conventional cover shapes such as round and oval.
There are also many choices for the cover type: for example, the square-top oval double-layer cover of Yuanchuang Plastic Industry. The design of this cover is that the top of the cover is rectangular, and the tooth cover is oval; Acrylic diamond cover and more.

Although the cover type of the combination cover is also full of tricks, the heat did not last long, and its light was occupied by another derivative of the cover. These covers more or less have some functional functions, so the manufacturer said For the functional head cover.

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