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What are the important properties of aluminum caps?

(1) High temperature resistance——Verified by the sterilization test, the aluminum cover that needs to pass through the high temperature sterilization process, if the high temperature resistance is poor, it is easy to deform or break after sterilization.

(2) Coating adhesion fastness - verified by the coating fastness test. For the aluminum cover with coating on the outer surface, if the coating has poor heat resistance or corrosion resistance, it is prone to abrasion, problems such as shedding.

(3) Coordination performance between the aluminum cover and the applicable container—verified by the compatibility test, the barrier and sealing properties of the overall packaging of the container depend to a large extent on the compatibility between the container and the aluminum cover, including after the aluminum cover is installed. The flatness, the aluminum cover will not be deformed or broken after heat treatment. Therefore, if the compatibility of the aluminum cap is poor, problems such as leakage and deterioration of the medicine may easily occur.

(4) Opening force - verified by tests such as bridge breaking force, breaking force, full opening force, tearing force, etc., to prevent inconvenience to the use of medicines due to excessive opening force of the aluminum cap, or the opening force If it is too small, the tightness between the aluminum cap and the container will be poor, and leakage will occur.

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