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Physical property requirements for glass bottles

(1) Density: It is an important parameter to express and evaluate some glass bottles. It not only helps to judge the tightness and porosity of these pharmaceutical packaging materials, but also is very important for the dosage and price-performance ratio during the production of pharmaceutical packaging materials. The medicinal glass bottle with low density, light weight and easy circulation is easy to promote

(2) Hygroscopicity: refers to the performance of glass bottles to absorb or release moisture from the air under some stable and humidity conditions. The hygroscopic pharmaceutical packaging material can absorb moisture in the air in a humid environment to increase its moisture content; in a dry environment, it will release moisture and reduce its moisture content. The hygroscopicity of pharmaceutical packaging materials has a great influence on the packaged drugs. The moisture absorption rate and water content play an important role in ensuring the quality of medicines and controlling moisture.

(3) Barrier property: refers to the barrier properties of drug packaging materials to air (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.) and water vapor, of course, including the barrier properties of ultraviolet rays and heat, which can prevent moisture, light, and fragrance. , The role of anti-gas. It is very important for moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving packaging, and barrier properties are an important characteristic of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

(4) Thermal conductivity: refers to the heat transfer performance of glass bottles. Due to the difference in the formulation or structure of the pharmaceutical packaging materials, the thermal conductivity of various pharmaceutical packaging materials also varies widely.

(5) Heat resistance and cold resistance: refers to the performance of pharmaceutical packaging materials to withstand temperature changes without failure. The size of the heat resistance depends on the ratio of the pharmaceutical packaging materials and the uniformity of the structure. Generally speaking, for pharmaceutical packaging materials with a heat-resistant crystalline structure larger than those with an amorphous structure, the higher the melting point, the worse the heat resistance. The heat resistance of medicinal glass bottles is better, and the heat resistance of plastics is relatively Difference. Glass also needs to be used under low temperature or freezing conditions, such as freeze-dried powder injection, which requires glass bottles to have good cold resistance.

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