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Are all kinds of bottle caps really suitable for packaging Chinese liquor?-Part 1

Chinese liquor has developed to this day, and has experienced various packaging, and bottle caps and corks have also been replaced a lot. Today I will talk about liquor caps, corks and their impact on wine quality.
The earliest liquor that can be accessed is mainly the wine in 1970. Many of the wines in 1970 were packaged with beer caps. Too much, it is easy to create a high-humidity environment at the mouth of the bottle, which will accelerate the oxidation and corrosion of the bottle cap. It is precisely because of this that the old wine packaged in beer caps, especially the old wine in 1970, has uneven appearance, some of which are very good, and some of which are in a mess.
In the early and mid-1980s, plastic caps became a relatively common packaging method in the liquor industry. The inner bottle had a plastic sleeve, the outside was rotated with a plastic cap, and finally a layer of plastic film was sealed on the outer layer. For wine with plastic lids, it is related to whether the products produced by the manufacturers that provided packaging and lids to the winery at that time are sealed with each other.
For the wine with plastic cap in 1980, there are few wineries producing it now. For the wine packaged with plastic cap and stored for a long time, due to the evaporation of the wine inside the bottle and the aging of the internal plastic, the plastic Will some organic substances in the wine dissolve into the wine body. The "plasticizer" incident that made a lot of noise a few years ago was also due to the aging of plastic containers and plastic pipes in the production process of liquor, which caused the plasticizer added to the plastic to dissolve in the wine body, which in turn made the produced wine "plasticizer". "Exceeded the standard. As for the old wine packaged with a plastic cover, whether the ingredients in the plastic have been dissolved into the wine body still needs to be tested and announced by relevant professional institutions.

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