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Are all kinds of bottle caps really suitable for packaging Chinese liquor?-Part 3

Because corked baijiu is stored differently from red wine, the corked baijiu that has been stored for more than ten years is corroded by the baijiu due to the aging of the cork, and many corks have changed color.
In addition, some friends crushed the cork and soaked it in the wine. After a while, the wine began to turn yellow and had a faint woody aroma. Regarding the color, flavor and other changes of the cork to the wine body, friends from relevant professional institutions need to conduct in-depth research. Personally, I think that the change of wood to the wine body is not only the change of wood aroma and color, but also other changes. We do not perceive the change.

Rubber stoppers were favored by some wineries around 2010, and some wineries used rubber stoppers to package their high-end products, but until now, large wineries basically did not use this method to package baijiu, mainly because the stoppers were too dull , it is not because the seal is not good and the wine leaks, but the rubber stopper will have obvious signs of corrosion after a long time of sealing the wine, and the entire rubber stopper will swell.

Among the liquors with rubber stoppers that I have come into contact with, many corks are corroded, but the flavor of the wine has not changed because of this, but how the corroded rubber stoppers will affect the body of the wine can only be determined. A scientific explanation can only be given after research by relevant authoritative institutions.

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